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PD cycle

An overview of the professional development cycle.

The professional development cycle explains the process of effectively planning, doing, recording and reviewing your development. Whether for long-term development, or working towards a particular qualification or professional registration the professional development process will guide you and help you to plan and record your lifelong learning in a structured way.  The process is designed for use at any stage of your life, whatever your career stage, or category of membership.


Professional development cycle

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The cycle is a continuous process – the best place to begin is by reviewing your current situation. Then simply follow each step around the cycle, until you are back at review. You do not need to be rigid in your approach, you can review progress, update your plan, or undertake development opportunities as they arise.

Members working towards professional registration will need to assemble records in a way that demonstrates that they meet the requirements. 

The section entitled 'Professional Qualifications' contains guidance on how to do this in more detail.